Music to Create Peace and Harmony


Welcome to Beanfoot Music!

We are a coming together of musicians, musical styles, life work, voices and energies to create a union (yoga) of sounds and rhythms for meditation, healing and self-realization.

Arising from the deepest spark of self-awareness dwelling within us, the power of musical vibration can be transforming physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of India, using mantra and traditional Indian instruments like santoor, veena, and tablas and also incorporating modern instruments and recording technology, this is music designed to transcend boundaries of every nature.

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A Purely Musical Treasure To Savor...Injecting contemporary music flavors into traditional chants is the  focus of Fred Gregory Cantor’s “Gathering”. Cantor (guitars, keyboards,  percussion, bass et al) is joined by accompanists on tabla, santoor,  didgeridoo and harp, as well as a crew of guest vocalists..– Review - March - April 2011


Leads The Listener On An Inner Journey...Woven into a tapestry of musicians, musical styles, life work, voices and energy, “Gathering” mixes sounds and rhythms for meditation, healing, relaxing and self-realization.–Natural Awakenings Magazine  - March - April 2011


Music To Settle Into…The Voices and Instrumentalists Are Superb with a subtle ear, Fred Cantor has successfully intertwined Indian kirtan music with Western melody, rhythm and improvisation.Gurukulam Magazine - March - April 2011

    A Unique Transformative Experience...Healing Enlightenment Listening to Fred Cantor's album "Gatherings" is a  unique transformative experience.  The richly layered, holistic tracks  come from a place of peace and understanding.–Swami Vyasa Prasad - March - April 2011

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